5 Features All Ocean Fishing Rods Should Have

There’re lots of different saltwater fishing rods to choose from these days. If you have ever strolled into a tackle store, you have probably been confronted with hundreds if not thousands of fishing rods to choose from.
How can you ensure sure that you pick the right fishing rod and baitcasting reel for you? Here is a compilation of five essential features that ocean fishing rods should have. So before walking into your local fishing store and being overwhelmed by the collection available - make sure you understand these points!


The best picks for saltwater fishing rods are either fiberglass or graphite as both are light and durable. A real feature of both types of fishing rods is they are rust resistant so they should never rust or become weak over time.


As the cost of ocean fishing rods can vary a great deal, your choice will most likely be dictated by your budget. If you intend to spend considerable time fishing, then there may be more value in a larger budget and going for high quality.


You will want to ensure that the ocean fishing rod you choose is neither too heavy nor too light. Some fishers prefer a heavier rod, as they find it easier to manage, while others opt for a lighter rod.

Comfortable handle

You can, however, guarantee a little more comfort for yourself by looking for an ocean fishing rod that features a handle that is easy to hold. Your hands are going to be in use throughout your fishing excursion, so it's important that they are looked after.


If you're still in any doubt as to what type of rod you're going to buy, a great starting point is to go for leading, trusted brands.


Ultimately, you need a rod that you like, so choosing a style that appeals to you from a visual point of view will be substantial.


There is nothing more relaxing and enjoyable than to go fishing. Now you know more about the importance of getting it right, and what to look for, perhaps now is the time to buy your perfect fishing rod.


  1. Thanks for the post. You just mentioned 6 times to consider before choosing fishing rod. But choosing the right reel and best canoe is also important. Before choosing the right reel you should think about Reel Body & Weight, Reel Size, Reel Gear Ratio, Drag System on a Reel, Spools on a Reel and Anti-Reverse Handles on a Fishing Reel.

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